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Chain of Events  (EM1014)

Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Siren Trap

  2. 2.Impetus

  3. 3.C.O.R. Rebound

  4. 4.The Evitable Conflict

  5. 5.Radio Trap

  6. 6.Surge

  7. 7.Chain of Events

  8. 8.Revolving Light

  9. 9.Circular Vections

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Fallout was awarded best album in the category "Experimental" in the Manifest Gala 2016 by SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter).

The cd was made possible with a grant from Kulturrådet

Reviews here: Fallout

Fallout  (AM2002)

Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Target You

  2. 2.Fallout

  3. 3.Double Helix Staircase

  4. 4.Encircled

  5. 5.Frequency Structures

  6. 6.Convolving Spheres

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Between Phaedra and Rubycon (AM2001) Rhizomatrix Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Between Phaedra and Rubycon part 1

  2. 2.Between Phaedra and Rubycon part 2

A live recording of Rhizomatrix tribute to E. Froese. Recorded live at Fylkingen 2014.

Lars Bröndum - moogs, modular synthesizer

& mellotron

Jonas Boberg - EMS Synthi A

Magnus Alexanderson - guitar & guitar synthesizer

Fallout  (AM2002)

Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Target You

  2. 2.Fallout

  3. 3.Double Helix Staircase

  4. 4.Encircled

  5. 5.Frequency Structures

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100 SEK + VAT + shipping


Review by DN and Tidningen Kulturen here: Chain of Events


The Text and Sound Project  (AM2003)

Lars Bröndum and Barbara Bröndum

  1. 1.Beige

  2. 2.Illusion Consort Part I

  3. 3.Viper

  4. 4.Illusion Consort Part II

  5. 5.Lariat of Hestia

  6. 6.ID10t error

  7. 7.Shades

  8. 8.Illusion Consort Part III

  9. 9.Half of the Shadows

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Chimera Cadence  (AM2004)

Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Chimera Cadence

  2. 2.Suspended in the Pit

  3. 3.The Pantheon of Darkened Stars

  4. 4.Sharp are Black Angels' Wings

  5. 5.The Bell Chimes in Broken Intervals

  6. 6.Ominous Procession

  7. 7.Pendulum

  8. 8.When The Sky is Low and Heavy

  9. i.from the whole murky horizon’s grid

  10. ii.the dome of stone

  11. iii.voiceless hordes of spiders

  12. iv.bells leap with rage

  13. v.long procession without fifes or drums

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The Gothic concept originates from comments I often get when I play live, “You should write music for horror movies!”  Intrigued by the idea I composed this suite of music that is inspired by the moods of Gothic horror fiction, art and architecture. Imagery of crumbling medieval castles ornamented with bizarre chimeras.  In dimly lit chambers and

dungeons, themes of the supernatural, horror, decadence and madness unfold.

Inspired by Charles Baudelaire, William Blake, de Sade, Edgar Allan Poe, Goya, Clark Ashton Smith etc.

LIVE 2017 (AM2006)

Lars Bröndum

  1. 1.Half of The Shadows (Live Fylkingen 16 Sept. 2017) 11:38

  2. 2.Coils #1 (Live Västerås 28 Sept. 2017) 04:52

  3. 3.Coils #2 (Live Västerås 28 Sept. 2017) 06:47

  4. 4.The Void (Live at Växjö 18 March 2017) 21:53

  5. 5.Suspended in the Pit (Live at Växjö 18 March 2017) 10:00

  6. 6.Red Shift (Live at Växjö 18 March 2017) 10:06

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Automaton  (AM2005)

Anders SJölin

  1. 1.Mysterious Gift

  2. 2.Strange Mechanics

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